Hi, I'm Gokul

I'm a Frontend Developer, Creator, Author and Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Web based in Bangalore, India. Currently working at Salesforce and previously at Thoughtworks.


On my free time, I create Open-Source Web Applications and share my learnings about Web Development, Javascript, Design and Books on this site.

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Promise - under the hood

A promise is an Object that is used to represent the eventual completion/failure of an asynchronous operation.

24 August 2022 · 7482 views

Async await

Async await is a new way to write async code in javascript. Before async await, we used promises and callbacks.

12 May 2020 · 1900 views

How redux works?

Redux is a predictable state container for javascript applications which with any UI layered application.

31 March 2020 · 2016 views

Side Projects


Bookmark It. is a bookmark manager to organize, discover & personalize your bookmarks

224 Stars · 11 Forks


Effortlessly track and manage expenses on-the-go with categorisation and logging.

618 Stars · 86 Forks


QR Code Scanner is the simplest, fastest and most user-friendly web application.

256 Stars · 65 Forks

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