Gokul is a Web Developer & Google Developer Expert (GDE) in India. Besides coding, I like gaming, running, football, travelling and an author.

He is currently working at ThoughtWorks, and previously worked at Ephicacy Lifescience Analytics.

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2020: The Year in review

This is my second year in review post, so many things happened in the year 2020 and I want to retrospect to understand what I did better and what I could do better in 2021 and my area of improvements…

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Tools I use for web development

Why this post? As a web developer, I use a lot of tools (new & old), utilities & some tips from my discovery and from lots of people around (twitter, product hunt etc,). Today I want to share all of…

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2019 year end review

Last year I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve in 2019. So I thought why not I write a blog post every year-end about what I did throughout the year. This post will be really helpful when I…

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Fix Mojave Rendering Issue

Today after updating macOS from to in my MacBook Pro, I found out that Mojave has some render issue. Here is how to fix the issue. Steps to fix Copy this code . Open your terminal application. Paste…

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Add danger.js to your OSS in 5 mins

What is danger.js anyway? DangerJS runs during your CI process, and helps your team to automate certain manual code review tasks like: Is there a or ? Does this are added to ? Is kept up to date…

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Prettier - Opinionated Code Formatter

What is prettier? Prettier is an opinionated code formatter. That’s all. ✅ Language support 👉🏻 Life without Prettier Dev (A): Hey, can you review my code?, Here is the PR link. Dev (B): Sure. Hmm…

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Introduction to GraphQL

😼 So what is GraphQL exactly? A query language for your API. GraphQL gives the power to ask for exactly what we need and nothing more. Get as many as resources in a single request. Evolve your API’s…

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Comparison of HTTP and HTTP/2

This comparison blog post is to show why you should move from HTTP to HTTPS and why you should add support to HTTP/2. Before comparing HTTP vs HTTP/2. Lets see what is HTTP first. Hypertext Transfer…

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Best Practices for Push Notifications

As the web is moving forward very fast and now we can do almost everything on the web which can be done in native applications ( & ). Such as , , etc. But many websites started using these features…

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What is accessibility?

Accessibility means letting the user navigate and interact with a website by any means. Let it be a keyboard, a mouse or people with disabilities or impairments. Web Accessibility Let us learn what is…

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How To Setup Webpack 2

Webpack is module bundler for modern web applications. It is a highly configurable and easy to use. Reduces the network request by bundling all static assets into a single file. Hot Reloading helps us…

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CSS4 Selectors

A CSS selector is like patterns which are used to select and style the pattern matching elements. We will compare with selectors and give some examples for better understanding. Pseudo Class Pseudo…

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Web Performance Optimization

An average user stays in your site if the page loads in < 1000ms. In 2014, an average page size is 1.9MB. See the below chart for more stats. via source httparchive The core content of site should…

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Chrome DevTools

Google chrome is one of the fastest browser around and using chrome devTools for development is simply awesome. I use two chrome browers, one is normal chrome and other is chrome canary. The…

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