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I'm using macOS for close to 7 years now. An Intel version for work and an M1 chip version for personal use. The M1 MacBook pro is absolutely a beast. Battery life is great, performance is top-notch. 4k 10mins video export takes only 5 mins in iMovie, where it took 30m in intel MacBook pro.



Code Editor

Visual Studio Code Editor

Run the below command in your terminal app to get all the list of extensions in your visual studio code editor.


Mac Applications

  • Itsycal a minimalist calendar app.
  • Sketch for designing logos, wireframes, and visual designing.
  • I am a Spotify user.
  • Notion for note taking and more.
  • Krisp AI to cancel background noise while recording or when doing a video call.

Check out my dribbble account for dribbble shots.


If you want the same setup as mine in your MacBook, go ahead and install my dotfiles.

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For writing, I use Grammarly to catch common and grammatical errors.


Thanks for reading my post. If you have any suggestions or a question comment below.


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